Slip and Falls

slip_and_fallsSlip and Fall claims in Texas have been some of the most hotly contested and litigated cases in the State, and for the most part, the victims have been losing ground! Changes in the Court's perception of the law of premises liability and it's defining what stores and businesses will and will not be liable for if someone is injured on their property has become very narrow.  In fact, it has become almost impossible in many cases.

All is not lost however!  The facts contained in each case makes the difference, and we believe it is impossible to accurately assess any Slip and Fall case without a full interview and fact analysis. 

The question we ask is; "What did the store itself do wrong?".  In other words, there has to be some direct action or inaction on the part of the store itself to impose liability on them.  An example would be water on the floor.  If there is a random spill of water on the floor that doesn't look likes it been there for hours, and you fall because of it, likely the store is not going to be held responsible. On the otherhand, if the store employee mopped, and didn't put out a sign, that is a direct action of the store and it would likely be held responsible. 

Our firm has successfully handled many slip and fall cases under the latest Texas case law, so call us, set an appointment and let us review your case and see if we can go to work for you today.


Charles Shackelford graduated from Texas Tech University in 1984 and he takes pride in being a sole practitioner that for over 38 years has recovered millions for personal injury victims in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metropolitan areas as well as the entire state of Texas.

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