Premise Liability

premise_liabilityPeople often mistakenly believe that any type of slip and fall injury is easy to prove.  In Texas, the property owner/operator is not a guarantor of your safety, meaning that simply because you are on his property and fall, it doesn't make it automatically his fault.  There is a series of facts you must prove before the store or property owner/operator would be liable to you for damages.  The burden to prove all those facts is solely on the person who falls, and if you can't prove every element needed, your case will fail.  But do not give up hope! The success of most cases are based on it's unique facts, and although it will be met with much resistance from the property owner/operator, there are ways to be successful in a "slip and fall" case in Texas.  We have handled many of these cases over the years and have fought  some of the toughest fights and overcome the odds to win our cases for our clients.  If you've fallen and suffered serious or catastrophic injuries while on the property of another, give us a call.


Charles Shackelford graduated from Texas Tech University in 1984 and he takes pride in being a sole practitioner that for over 38 years has recovered millions for personal injury victims in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metropolitan areas as well as the entire state of Texas.

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