Hit And Runs

hit_and_runYou've just been involved in a major car accident and when the smoke clears, the other vehicle, with it's driver, has fled the scene...gone.

You still have several options at your disposal. If you are unable to identify the vehicle yourself, and if you are able to do so safely, try to locate witnesses at the scene who can identify the vehicle via license plate number, company logo or name. Be sure to get the witness' name and number as well, as they will be a valuable aid.

If you are not able to identify the vehicle yourself, or find witnesses to do so, all it not lost. Because fleeing the scene of an accident in Texas is a crime, it is possible that contacting the police will allow them to access to the network of traffic cameras that cover a large percentage of the roadways and identify the negligent party, allowing us to pursue them directly.

If the offending driver can not be identified, the most expeditious avenue is to access your Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage on your own policy, if you have it. It is a provision of your policy that you often pay extra premiums for, which protects your interests in situations such as this. If the vehicle can not be identified, but you can prove it made contact with your car and fled the scene, UIM coverage should cover the loss.

(If your are not sure about your coverages and what they mean, please give us a call, we would be happy to look over your policy for you).

Last but not least, if there is no vehicle identified, no witnesses and no insurance, you may still get part or all of your medical bills paid for by the "Crime Victims" fund. Since the hit and run is a criminal act, you may qualify to receive payments, at least minimizing your loss.

As you can see, all is not lost in a hit and run accident. Call our firm now to get us started on helping you get back on your feet.


Charles Shackelford graduated from Texas Tech University in 1984 and he takes pride in being a sole practitioner that for over 38 years has recovered millions for personal injury victims in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metropolitan areas as well as the entire state of Texas.

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