Car Accidents

car_accidentsAlthough Texas cities report thousands of motor vehicle accidents a year, and because the insurance companies and adjusting companies handle thousands of those claims a year, they often become just "claims" to them.

For you, there's only one accident that counts-- YOUR'S!

At our firm, your accident is our accident. We know that pain does not wait for an insurance company in New York to approve your treatment, or that you need to wait 30 days to get a rental or your car fixed. Your accident happened quickly and you need help quickly. That's what we do.

We take a personal interest in our clients, and will strive to get you help as quickly as possible, from medical treatment to help relieve your pain, to getting a vehicle so you can get to work or the kids to school. You didn't ask for this accident, and certainly not the disruption to your life that it has caused, so you need someone on YOUR SIDE to aggressively fight to get things back on track quickly and with the least about of aggravation for you.

You've been through enough, let our team take charge of your case so you can concentrate on what really matters, getting well and getting your life back to normal. We'll do the rest!


Charles Shackelford graduated from Texas Tech University in 1984 and he takes pride in being a sole practitioner that for over 38 years has recovered millions for personal injury victims in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metropolitan areas as well as the entire state of Texas.

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