18 Wheeler Accidents

18-Wheeler and Large Commercial Truck accidents are NOT "car accidents".

Let me repeat:

18-Wheeler and Large Commercial Truck accidents are NOT "car accidents".

If you treat it like a car accident, you could lose out! You need an attorney who has experience in 18-wheeler and Commercial Truck litigation who will fight to make sure you recover all you are entitled to recover. So what are you looking for?

Car Accidents

Although Texas cities report thousands of motor vehicle accidents a year, and because the insurance companies and adjusting companies handle thousands of those claims a year, they often become just "claims" to them.

For you, there's only one accident that counts-- YOUR'S!

At our firm, your accident is our accident. We know that pain does not wait for an insurance company in New York to approve your treatment, or that you need to wait 30 days to get a rental or your car fixed. Your accident happened quickly and you need help quickly. That's what we do.

Wrongful Death

"The dead cannot cry out for justice, it is the duty of the living to do so for them"
                                                                  -Lois McMaster Bujold-

There is no greater tragedy than the loss of a loved one. It is the most devastating and emotionally traumatic event in anyone's life.  When that death comes suddenly and unexpectedly at the hands of a negligent company or driver, the pain and sense of loss is compounded. 

In the midst of your grief,  the negligent company, driver and their insurance company are already working against you, trying to minimize their losses and save themselves money.  They are using the time you grieve to get a head start, to gather evidence and make your path to recovery harder and harder with each passing day. It's just business to them. Your loved one has become a claim, a number, a liability.

Hit And Runs

You've just been involved in a major car accident and when the smoke clears, the other vehicle, with it's driver, has fled the scene...gone. 

You still have several options at your disposal. If you are unable to identify the vehicle yourself,  and if you are able to do so safely, try to locate witnesses at the scene who can identify the vehicle via license plate number, company logo or name.  Be sure to get the witness' name and number as well, as they will be a valuable aid.

If you are not able to identify the vehicle yourself, or find witnesses to do so, all it not lost. Because fleeing the scene of an accident in Texas is a crime, it is possible that contacting the police will allow them to access to the network of traffic cameras that cover a large percentage of the roadways and identify the negligent party, allowing us to pursue them directly.

Pedestrian Accidents

Nothing is more frighting than walking in a crosswalk or across a parking lot and finding yourself staring at the hood of a 2-ton metal machine bearing down on you. You are no match for the vehicle, and the resulting accident often takes a heavy toll on your body and life.

Texas has extensive regulations and caselaw  concerning the rights and obligations of  pedestrians and motorists when they interact with one another on the roadways and parking lots of Texas.  Every case is fact-based and must be extensively examined to determine what those facts mean and how to best use them and the law together to maximize our clients results.  We have acquired many such settlements for our pedestrian clients, even after other lawyers have turned the clients down.

Slip and Falls

Slip and Fall claims in Texas have been some of the most hotly contested and litigated cases in the State, and for the most part, the victims have been losing ground! Changes in the Court's perception of the law of premises liability and it's defining what stores and businesses will and will not be liable for if someone is injured on their property has become very narrow.  In fact, it has become almost impossible in many cases.

All is not lost however!  The facts contained in each case makes the difference, and we believe it is impossible to accurately assess any Slip and Fall case without a full interview and fact analysis. 

Premise Liability

People often mistakenly believe that any type of slip and fall injury is easy to prove.  In Texas, the property owner/operator is not a guarantor of your safety, meaning that simply because you are on his property and fall, it doesn't make it automatically his fault.  There is a series of facts you must prove before the store or property owner/operator would be liable to you for damages.  The burden to prove all those facts is solely on the person who falls, and if you can't prove every element needed, your case will fail.  But do not give up hope! The success of most cases are based on it's unique facts, and although it will be met with much resistance from the property owner/operator, there are ways to be successful in a "slip and fall" case in Texas.  We have handled many of these cases over the years and have fought  some of the toughest fights and overcome the odds to win our cases for our clients.  If you've fallen and suffered serious or catastrophic injuries while on the property of another, give us a call.

Bicycle Accidents

As any Bicyclist can tell you, it is a scary place for bicyclists on the roadways of Texas.  Because someone is on a bicycle, many motorist do not give them the courtesy and respect that the law demands.  Texas has a complete set of laws that govern motorized vehicle and bicycle interactions on various types of roadways and in many different situations, all designed to help keep bicyclist as well as other motorist safe and operating their machines in harmony with one another.  When that harmony is shattered by a vehicle and bicycle collision, the results are devastating for the bicyclist.   Serious injuries, even fatalities are not uncommon, even in the most benign bicycle accident, and often the authorities are critical of the bicyclist because, frankly, many accident investigators don't know or fully understand the laws concerning bicycles.  We do! If you've been a serious bicycle accident and need help, give us a call.  We can help.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders know the dangers involved in sharing the road with cars and 80-ton trucks, but it seems that nobody else does.  Although Motorcyclists are "vehicles" entitled to all rights, privileges and obligations of any other motorized vehicle on the roads in the State of Texas,  it seems they are treated with less than equal respect by their fellow drivers.  Often times when a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, the "presumption" of many drivers on the road is that it is automatically the motorcyclist's fault.  Compound that viewpoint with the fact the motorcyclists are generally hurt worse and require emergency care immediately, leaving no one to tell their side of the events at the scene, you often see motorcyclists being blamed for accidents that are not their fault.  We are experienced with motorcycle accidents, and know what needs to be done to get you taken care of in the event of a major motorcycle accident.   Don't be a victim twice.  Let us help you recover everything you deserve as the result of someone else's negligence.