Bicycle Accidents

As any Bicyclist can tell you, it is a scary place for bicyclists on the roadways of Texas.  Because someone is on a bicycle, many motorist do not give them the courtesy and respect that the law demands.  Texas has a complete set of laws that govern motorized vehicle and bicycle interactions on various types of roadways and in many different situations, all designed to help keep bicyclist as well as other motorist safe and operating their machines in harmony with one another.  When that harmony is shattered by a vehicle and bicycle collision, the results are devastating for the bicyclist.   Serious injuries, even fatalities are not uncommon, even in the most benign bicycle accident, and often the authorities are critical of the bicyclist because, frankly, many accident investigators don't know or fully understand the laws concerning bicycles.  We do! If you've been a serious bicycle accident and need help, give us a call.  We can help.